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Mundane Matters - arkadelos
Mundane Matters
I finished reading The Mangy Parrot, which I bought many years back in one of my very first history classes. I switched it out for a book exploring the UFO phenomenon. Then, I realized that I have no fiction that I'm currently reading. I glanced at my to-read stack, and I have no fiction there, either! I need to order some more next payday. Very weird to not be reading any fiction.
And actually, I don't have much fiction on my Alibris wishlist, either. I need to go through my wishlist and reevaluate everything on my list. I had been really excited to get the book Enlightened Sexism by Susan Douglass, but I found myself incredibly disappointed. Any analysis was tainted by prejudice, bigotry, and bias. I definitely prefer Phyllis Chesler and Ariel Levy. Ariel Levy needs to write more books.

I had a much longer list than usual when I went grocery-shopping. I think a part of the reason for the list's length was that whenever dad wanted something to eat but couldn't find it, I put it on the list. Also, mom kept mentioning stuff. Plus, there are the coupons. I bought it this time because I had the coupon for it, but I'll give mom all the other coupons that include the in-shower lotion.
Because of the long list, I bumped up my shopping limit to $90 and decided to use the $25 visa gift card with it. I have had that gift card since Christmas, and I could not figure out what to do with it ever since I ordered my pseudegraphia cheaper online. The actual grocery total was $106, but I ended up spending $65.

Buddy caught a creepy-crawlie the other night. The kitten pranced in with his mouth open wide, and there was big black thing across his mouth. I had no idea what it was, but I certainly never thought it was a living creature. I grabbed his shoulders, and he dropped the creepy-crawlie which slithered everywhere. That was scary. There were two walmart bags on the table from the day's grocery shopping. I grabbed it with one bag and tossed that into another bag. Then, I threw the whole thing outside.

I started to play with Luna this morning, but she jumped off the couch and Timothy chased her out of the living room, so I played with Casper instead. I think that was the first time I played with just Casper, and he enjoyed it. When I carried Luna to bed last night, Casper was already there waiting on us.
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