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New Church - arkadelos
New Church
For the past couple weeks, my parents and I have been attending a Methodist church in Canyon across from the bank. I've been enjoying it, and parents appear to be enjoying it as well.

I start to think... should we really consider ourselves Baptist anymore? I mean, we celebrate Passover, and Unleavened Bread, etc... what really makes us Baptist? I remember a documentary about John Wesley who founded the Methodist church. I loved that documentary, and there were many things that appealed to me such as his dedication to God. John Wesley took a personal oath of celibacy so that he could dedicate himself completely. And there were some other things in it too.

So, I began to tinker with the idea of attending a Methodist church. The Methodists are a more visible presence, anyway. Baptists seem to pretty much be in the closet. Then, close to Passover, I noticed a lady buying horseradish. I asked her about it. And she said she was a Methodist celebrating Passover. I asked her a few more questions, and it turns out that a man who dad knows is now a member of their church.

So, I thought that's perfect!

And I was already excited about checking out new churches, and I was already tinkering with the idea of Methodist. I decide we should attend that particular church on my next day off. And then... I'm suddenly scheduled to work several Sunday mornings in a row. As soon as I get excited about going to church, I cannot go. I finally change my availability to work only in the evenings on Sundays so that I can attend church.

The first time featured nine people who were either baptized or wanted to reaffirm their faith. There was no sermon that day, and I really wanted to hear the sermon. The congregation is a decent mix of ages, but it is mostly college students.

The second time was Mother's Day. During the sermon, the pastor mentioned two things "worldview shapes values" and then "relationships are also spiritual" in his analysis over Mathew 12:46-50. Those are the exact same statements I tend to make in my discussions with people! To hear this from a pastor is very awesome, and it makes me want to attend a third time. I think this might be the right one.
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