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Stuff Going On - arkadelos
Stuff Going On
The search goes on for various things. Have I mentioned that one of my history professors Steve Bogener came to visit me at work a couple months ago? I got the chance to ask him about finding sources for humanity within my angel story. And he suggested I speak with one guy who was a former president of the Texas Archeological Association. I ended up calling the history department at the college and received an email address, but he has not yet replied. Then, I got to thinking... I could just email the Archeological Association. I think this is what I will need to do. That or something similar.

In the meantime, I'm working on both that and a sci-fi story.

Still searching for a literary agent. I emailed three authors several questions about their particular agent. Two have replied, and that information is valuable. Sadly, I'm going to find a different agent. I think she is too interested in light YA stories, and the author whose genre is also fantasy recently switched away from her to another agent.

Luna and Casper are still cute. Lately, they have been sleeping on my bed together. Very adorable! Today, I noticed that Casper had rolled over onto his back, and Luna was cleaning him. The other night, Luna tried biting Casper, but he pushed her off the bed and rolled off the bed with her.
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