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Cats in the Lightning - arkadelos
Cats in the Lightning
Alright, social time. Then, if weather permitting, I will try to figure out how to product in the next step of my anthology after finally completing it. ^_^ Or maybe Luna and Casper just want me to go to bed. Actually, I think it is raining somewhat right now.

Sunday night brought an unexpected, frightening lightning and rain storm. I went to bed with just Luna. I couldn't find Casper, but I knew he was in the house. When I woke up, I heard the wind really loud outside. I figure it would be quieter in the living room, so I take my pillow to sleep on the couch.

As soon as I open my door, there is this massive rapid-fire lightning through all the windows. I never noticed anything like it when I was in like. It was like stepping through a portal. And it was definitely rapid-fire with rain hammering the house. Buddy, Fudge, and Obie ran into my bedroom. Luna laid calmly on my bed and watched all the other cats enter.

Poor Casper didn't know what to do. I think he is a little scatter-brained when he is frightened. Casper ran from the dining room into the kitchen, but more lightning and thunder. Casper ran from the kitchen into the living room toward the bay window - rapid-fire lightning coming at him from four different angles. Casper ran back into the dining room.

Meanwhile, Luna remains calm on my bed. Casper sits on a table chair furthest from the sliding glass door. I sit beside Casper. Then, mom and dad wake up. Mom wants to know if the cats are okay. When she calls for Buddy, Buddy comes out from under my bed. 20-40 minutes later, everything calms down outside, and I take Casper to bed.
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